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Do you require a warehouse solution that is both scalable and adaptable in order to keep your supply chain running smoothly? Then you’ve come to the correct spot. Ubest Sourcing provides a warehouse in China to improve inventory efficiency. When you purchase your product from another company, you will be charged for storage to retain it until shipping. When you get your product through Bbest Sourcing, this is not the case.

We provide a FREE warehousing service in conjunction with Product Sourcing. For the next two months, we will supply you with a free warehouse in China. When your product shipment is finished, we will label it and dispatch it to you. We will save you money on shipping since you will not have to pay factory owners for storage.

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Warehouse Processes

Most industries, particularly e-commerce, require warehouse space to store inventory and ship items as needed. They require a physical place to house inventories in order to purchase anything physical. The scope of the warehouse’s activities, the type of warehouse and storage, the storage temperatures of the commodities, and any regulatory requirements all influence warehousing.

Receiving When producing large quantities of your products from several manufacturers, we provide a storage solution that includes receiving. As a result, you can easily request that all of your suppliers transfer your inventory to a centralized location (Our Warehouse), where we will evaluate the items and packaging for any flaws. Products are kept once they have been inspected.

Storage space

This procedure moves items from the receiving area to the storage area. All of your orders are consolidated in one location, and once completed, we can prepare them for delivery. When we check in the items and log them into their assigned slots, the procedure is complete.

Packing and labeling

We will pack and label all of the goods in an order together before shipping them to you. We can also create pallets if asked; before we send the merchandise to you, we weigh the packed order, print the necessary labels, and decide on the best Freight service.


Shipping is the final step in getting items to customers. We’ll pack and ship your items quickly. For example, Ubest Sourcing offers FREE warehouse storage in China to its customers with storage concerns, allowing you to better arrange your supply chain.

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