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Ubest Sourcing now help factories’ clinets to source critical industrial goods in China and India. 

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Products Sourcing

Like Sourcing will directly source your products from factories in China at amazing rates and quality

Freight Forwarding

Our highly skilled team will also take the duties of Providing you with a quotation to ship your product around the World.


We offer warehousing solutions around the world and for our customers we offer free one month warehousing in china.

Product inspection

We will Perform a detailed inspection of product function ,Packaging and labels. We provide best inspection.

Free Consultation

It always feels great when you can rely on someone for consultation while dealing with other hustles of product Sourcing,

Trademark & Patent

Our highly skilled team will also take the duties of Providing you with a quotation to ship your product around the World.

Private Labeling

We Started as Private Label Brands Sellers and learnt some valuable techniques to Grow in E-commerce.

Product Customize

Discuss a product idea with us and we will take it from the drawing board to actual physical product.

Here is how we work.

At our core, we are a team that values collaboration and connection. We believe in working together to create something greater than each individual effort. Our collaborative culture focuses on creating strong ties between colleagues, fostering trust and respect, and ensuring every team member is heard and valued.

Free Consultation

Once you contact us our experts will carefully study your case and provide you with a free consultation.

Product Sourcing

Our experts will then find large scale manufactures who can produce your goods efficiently under the promised lead time.

Hire Us

When you are satisfied with quotation you can then hire us and lets us start on working on your project.

Inspection & Shipping

Once the goods are ready our inspect team will inspection and help you arrange freight forwarding to your destination

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Why Sourcing in China

China is the biggest manufacturing base which covers approx. 30% manufacturing share around the world.

China has complete industrial manufacturing range for all products.There are various manufacturing regions for different product with sufficent and efficent parts supply chain, so that China factories can fulfil the mass production with low cost and efficiency.

At this moment, many countries are encouraging the domestic manufacturing , it is a good choice to buy the critcal industrial parts from China to assemble or produce their own product. By this way, the manufacturer can save parts costs, new product R&D time and improve production efficiency.


Chinese manufacturers often have lower labor and production costs, which can result in lower prices on industrial parts. This can help to reduce the overall cost of manufacturing your product in Turkey.

Reducing new product development time

When a corporation purchases components, it has access to a large choice of items that have already been produced, tested, and are easily available. This reduces the requirement for the corporation to spend time and money creating and producing the parts.

High quality

Many Chinese manufacturers have invested in advanced technology and equipment, which allows them to produce high-quality industrial parts.

Wide selection

China is a major global supplier of industrial parts, and offers a wide variety of options to choose from. This can make it easier to find the specific parts you need for your manufacturing process.


Chinese manufacturers are often willing to work with buyers to customize parts to meet specific needs or requirements.

Strong logistics

China has a well-developed logistics infrastructure, which allows for efficient transportation and delivery of goods. This can make it easier to get the parts you need in a timely manner.

Our Happy Clients!

I’ve been working with Ubest Sourcing for over 2 years now and have received several shipments from them. I can surely say they are what they claim “Your eyes and ears in China” From production to inspections and shipping they have taken the pain out of this process for me.
Jason Martin
We have been collaborating with Ubest Sourcing for more than 2 years.They always manage to find suppliers that are not visible on Alibaba and get the best rates for our private label business,Over the years they helped us change product and packaging designs which reduced our cost of shipping and production, I would recommend them to everyone in my circle.
Barbara Smith
Ubest Sourcing always goes an extra mile and resolves issue son ground in china for me.They provide excellent, professional, hands-on service and excel through regular communication and updates which is key to any eCommerce business.
Mark Sommers

Most Common Questions

Most Chinese-speaking suppliers do not work on B2B websites, and our sourcing agent can assist you identify a supplier with higher quality, lower prices, and shorter lead times than English-speaking suppliers on Alibaba and other B2B websites.

Yes. Most high-end items, from cellphones to automobiles, are now manufactured in China. However, you will be billed for the requested quality.

We manage everything, including locating suitable suppliers, coordinating tooling, organizing samples, establishing production, quality control, and delivery. All of this is included in the pricing we gave. You also pay for the items you order and the tooling you possess. That’s all.

If it is within our areas of expertise, it is typically rather rapid. We could already have a suitable manufacturer in our network. If not, it may take up to ten business days to locate and analyze one.

It might take up to 7 working days to obtain the sample and send it to your door.

From multi-currency wire transfers to Alibaba Trade Assurance, Paypal, and Payoneer. We have an answer for everyone.

We will assign a specialized product quality inspector to verify your inventory before it leaves the factory, whether you select the basic plan or the pro plan, and we will also give you the best freight forwarding prices at all INCO Terms.

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